Chile Con Cymru CD

Cloud Cuckoo-Chile Con Cymru-The Story of the Songs

1. A Mi palomita

This is a traditional Andean melody fromBoliviaand we learnt it from Venezuelan troubador Gerardo Osal during his first visit to Machynlleth for the first “El Sueno Existe” festival. Tony wrote the words for this version in Spanish and Welsh.

Paloma is Spanish for “dove” and the words are about the River Dyfi which runs through Machynlleth the name of which has nothing to do with doves.

2. La Fiesta Eres Tu.

This lively and danceable song is by the Chilean band “Inti-Illimani” and represents “Latin American Creole” music.From the album “Amar De Nuevo” ; the title translates as “You Are The Party”

3.El Canelazo

Traditional song fromEcuador; I first heard it sung inArica,Northern Chileand it appears on a very early Inti-Illimani recording. The song is about lost love and drowning one’s sorrows.

4. El Faro[The Lighthouse]

Another song from the “Amar De Nuevo”album. The lyrics are beautiful and quite surreal. “The bow leads me to your reef, and in it I am shipwrecked with happiness.”

5. Dragonfly At Ding Dong Mine

Ding Dong Mine is an ancient abandoned tin mine on theWest Cornwallmoors. I wrote this tune whilst watching a resplendent dragonfly darting amongst the gorse and heather surrounding one of the old mine shafts on a balmy summers afternoon.

6.Duckweed Song

The River Lea runs through Hackney inEast Londonappearing murky and polluted. The song is about walking up the river slowly leaving the urban sprawl behind and heading toward the source way out in the countryside.

7. La Petenera

Another stirring traditional song ,this time fromMexico.

8. Negra Presuntosa

By Andres Soto; this song has been covered bythe Peruvian singer Susanna Baca, Inti-Illimani and others.

9. Malaguena

Another traditional song fromMexico; another one about lost love.

10.Volver A Los 17

The great Chilean songstress Violeta Parra is considered to be the mother of “Chilean New Song” She travelled all over Chile making field recordings of traditional songs and composed the South American anthem; “Gracias A La Vida”

11. Lamento Borincano.

This song was covered by Victor Jara and relates the oft told tale of the country dweller lured to the city believing that the “streets are paved with gold” only to find himself yearning to return to his home. Its a sort of Latino “Mountains Of Mourne”

12. Can Victor Jara

This song in Welsh is by Welsh folk-singer, Dafydd Iwan. It tells the story of the legendary Chilean musician Victor Jara who was tortured and murdered following the USbacked military coup of September 11th 1973.

“Mae can Victor Jara yw clywed o hyd; yr atsain yn uchel dros wledydd y byd

Ond erys y fascwyr, erys y trais

A gwrando mae bobl am alwad ei lais”

“The song of Victor is still heard echoing across the countries of the world.

But there is still fascism, there is still violence

And the people listen for the sound of his voice”

13. A Cocabamba Me Voy

A joyful song by Victor Jara about revolution and freedom from oppression. According to some accounts,Inti was a nickname for Che Guevara.

14 Duck, Robin and Sunshine songs.

Some cheery old time melodies to finish from John Corden; 85 years old and his sister Violet Bedson 87years old. Recorded on a summers day in a Welsh garden with blackbird and song thrush and robin as backing musicians

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