Noteworthy: Images of Welsh Music by Bruce Cardwell featuring Cloud Cuckoo and many other musicians local to Machynlleth:

Noteworthy is one man’s view of the acoustic music scene in Wales, illustrated with black and white photography to present the musicians in context in their surroundings.

Practitioners of acoustic music in Wales at the start of the twenty-first century make a rich and diverse gallery of talent. The subjects of these photographs include harpists, pipers, hurdy gurdy players, fiddlers, guitarists, drummers and singers. Folk, jazz. blue grass, classical, silver and steel band, even klezmer and early English are among the various styles represented.

All musical life is gathered in these portraits and reportage images, and accompanying interviews, which together make an atmospheric survey of musicianship and music making at a particular point in time in a small country in the western seaboard of Europe, internationally acclaimed for its musical heritage.

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